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Patent Search and Analysis

Patent Search service can help your company keep track of patent development around the globe in order to avoid repetitive development and waste of investment. It can help you complete independent innovation with high starting point and low cost. Meanwhile, it is also an important means to strengthen your company's competitiveness by monitoring whether other parties are undertaking infringement behaviors, and to avoid infringements of other parties' rights.

Types of Searches:

Technological Documentation Search

We provide professional technical documentation search services that helps you know about the latest development, research trends and moves of technologies.

Types of Searches:

Dissertation Search

Journal and Academic Paper Search

Conference Paper Search

Scientific Research Orientation

Academic Conference Information Search

Various Related Academic Conference and Exhibition Information at Home and Abroad

Competition Notices for Various Related Academic Conferences at Home and Abroad

Legal Information Search

Intellectual Property Dispute and Infringement Dispute Information

Court decision documents related to intellectual property rights disputes

Industrial Information Search

Investment analysis report information

Environmental impact reports of various projects

Industrial trends including trends of competitors

Search Process:

Professional full-time teams

The project leader has a doctorate degree in physical chemistry and qualifications as a patent agent

More than 20 full-time analysts from a wide range of professional fields including electronics, computers, chemistry, medicine, mechanical engineering, etc.

All team members are graduates from key colleges or universities in China and have obtained bachelor degrees or above.