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Localization Translation

Localization translation is the process of translating text on such carriers as user interface, help document and user manual from one language into another language。

With the increasing speed of globalization, products or services of a company needs specific versions that adapt to the local language environment if they are to enter the international market. Localization translation helps you overcome language and cultural barriers encountered during the promotion of a product or service in other countries, and allows you to occupy specific market quickly.

Localization Translation Services:

Software Localization Translation

Software localization translation involves the translation of user interfaces, online help and user manuals. By overcoming language and cultural barriers of software, it helps your software attract more local users.

Multimedia Localization Translation

Multimedia localization translation deals with the extraction and translation of voice, video animation and interactive multimedia scripts. It allows multimedia language to meet the language habits of local audience, and helps you create multimedia localization products with vitality and attractiveness.

Website Localization Translation

Website localization translation requires the extraction and translation of the back-end database, web page texts, images and animations. Our professional localization translation will enhance your enterprise image and product promotion effectiveness.

Game Localization Translation

Game localization translation is an important step of video game localization that mainly involves the translation of texts on game pages. It facilitates the localization of your video game product by adapting it to the playing habits of the target groups while raising its attractiveness.

Technical Manual Localization Translation

echnical manual localization requires clear understanding of various file formats and the ability to convert the files into ones that could be translated. It also needs the translators to have sufficient field knowledge associated with a product. It can be put into the market together with your product as a demonstration of the professionalism and credibility of your company and products.

Our Localization translation services are offered in English - Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese - Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean - Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

We offer bidirectional localization translation services in English, Japanese and Korea and their parings with simplified and traditional Chinese by employing standard operating procedures and rigorous quality control system to guarantee high-quality translation and ensure client satisfaction. After a source document is received by the translation department, it will be translated by qualified translators, reviewed by professional editors, proofread by native reviewers and approved by the client before the final translation is delivered.

Patent Translation

Patent documents are highly detail-oriented as required in any legal documents. They involve a wide spectrum of scientific and technical knowledge as well as diverse new technologies from various sources. Further, patent documents generally have strict and specific requirements for their documentation formats.

In order to provide accurate target translation, a translator must have in-depth knowledge of the technical field that a patent document belongs to, familiar with its language characteristics and format specifications, understand the legal knowledge and rules for patent application, and correctly understand the source text. MI owns a professional patent translation team in which all members have profound academic background and years of experience in patent translation. They can provide standard translations for domestic and foreign patent documents.

We offer bidirectional patent translation services between English and Chinese (simplified and traditional) as well as between Japanese and Chinese (simplified and traditional).

MI employs advanced CAT tools such as Trados as translation assistance. In addition, the group company has accumulated years of experience in patent translation and owns a huge patent translation memory (TM) that allows accurate and efficient translation production. All documents to be translated are under strict quality control process in order to meet your requirements.

Other Translation Services

The company also offers translation of documentations and the like in many fields including computer science, electronics, automation, telecommunication, medicine, life sciences, chemical engineering, finance and mechanical engineering.

Available bidirectional language services include English-Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese-Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Korean-Chinese (simplified and traditional). The company has 80 full-time translators, most of whom are graduates from top science and engineering universities with profound academic backgrounds and rich language experience, and they can handle translations from various professional fields. Besides, the application of computer software such as WorkBench, CAT, and SDL Trados in translator's translation greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of translations.