Overall Advantages

Overall Advantages

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As a service provider of language information related services, MI is dedicated to protecting our clients' information security. We provide complete confidentiality measures for clients to give them a peace of mind.

Our information security measures include confidentiality agreement, network security monitoring and process safety control.

Confidentiality Agreement

All employees must sign a confidentiality agreement when joining MI and follow the specific contents inside, which legally protects the information security of our clients.

Network Security Monitoring

We assign different user authorization levels for employees by using our information management system, and unauthorized users will be unable to access confidential data in order to prevent any leakage of confidential information. The IT department performs strict monitoring on the company's internal network by using exclusive server to store data and monitoring data transmission processes at all times.

Process Safety Control

We establish an independent project team for each client and unauthorized members outside the team have no rights to obtain related information to ensure the safety of the service process.